“Put your faith in action and watch what God does with it." Eddie L. Johnson



E4 Inspiring Motivations is a personal and professional development company that specializes in helping business leaders discover purpose, which leads to meaningful and continued success. We also train business leaders to successfully breakthrough adversity so they can adjust and remain productive in their personal and professional lives.

E4 Inspiring Motivations provides breakthrough solutions that allow business leaders to be more productive and fulfilled in life, which allows their success to be on their terms, giving them a pathway forward to the next level. 

E4 Inspiring Motivations offers keynote speaking, workshops/seminars, training, and development coaching.



Eddie L. Johnson is a breakthrough expert, development coach, speaker, author, and servant leader who brings joy and life to situations. An encourager with an upbeat attitude toward others, Eddie has a unique ability to find the best in everyone. With a heart for people, Eddie uses his faith experiences as his guide to help others feel inspired and motivated.


Eddie is a native of Jacksonville, Florida, where he grew up in a single-family home with two other siblings. With a mother determined to see him make the best of his life, Eddie grew up with a foundation built on knowing and loving God, caring for others, gratitude, and discipline.

Eddie is a graduate of Florida State University where, in 1994, he received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting. With twenty-three years working in leadership roles of professional credit management, Eddie spent twenty of those years with the same company, where he went from being a Credit Trainee to Regional Credit Manager overseeing $1.3B in accounts receivables. 


After realizing his purpose in 2017, it became clear to Eddie that he needed to complete the assignment God had given him; to share his faith testimony and God’s blessings in a book Passing the Test of Faith.


Eddie is a firm believer that we are blessed in various ways so that we can be a blessing to others. He has served on the board of directors for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation – Georgia Chapter and is actively involved in his church and community.