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The Breakthrough Plan

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The Breakthrough Plan

Would you like to make a discovery to help you get to a better place in your professional or personal life?

Absolutely, you would! But do you have a plan to get there?

When you have a Breakthrough Plan, it puts you in a position to show up as your authentic self, walk through your adversities differently, and bounce back stronger from your challenges and setbacks.

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The Breakthrough Plan – Overcoming Adversity with Faith

Having a breakthrough plan when facing adversity will help you meet and walk through your challenges and setbacks, with the expectation of God guiding you to a winning result. Adversity comes in many forms, and when they show up, you need to be prepared and ready to take on whatever is knocking at your door.


  • How to overcome adversity with a proven blueprint that starts with faith

  • The secrets to starting and keeping the right in the face of adversity

  • Why patience is important during the journey of adversity

  • Strategies that will help you hear God’s voice while journeying through adversity

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